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Affiliates are moving away from display advertising as CPMs increase. They’re moving towards content ad networks like Taboola, Outbrain, and even Facebook (yes, Facebook is just a big content ad network). Here’s the secret…as you move towards these content ad network channels you need to think more like a publisher and less like an advertiser.

Four ways to think more like a publisher:

  1. Focus on visitor retention
  2. Keep your traffic engaged
  3. Remember, visitors want to consume more content
  4. Be your own content network

So here’s how one affiliate implemented these four tips:


They put an exit splash, similar to the one above, on all of their landing pages. When a visitor goes to leave the page an exit splash gives directs them to other landing pages, angles, and/or offers. Take a look at some numbers from a typical display campaign.


Now look at some numbers from their exit splash “campaign.”

Three things jump out right away: CTR is about 16%, spend is zero, and the best improvement, 204 conversions.
The best part about this set up is it didn’t require any advanced knowledge of JavaScript coding and it didn’t require any additional cost, since they were already using the ad server. (AVID provides both the native ad style capability and the exit pop javascript). If you need to test different ads or angles, there’s no need to change any code on your landing page, simply upload new creatives to your ad server. The same ad placement tag can be used on multiple landing pages.