2017最靠谱的Mobile Affiliate Networks

虽然2017年已经快要结束了,但觉得这篇文章还是不错的,罗列了2017年最值得加入的Mobile Affiliate Networks,仅供参考。抽取一些做了翻译和介绍,具体的官网网址可以google搜一下就找到了。加粗的是是我跑过的。

Amazon Mobile Associates
Apple App Store Affiliate
Mire Network
Bitter Strawberry
Wewe Media
Billy Performance Network
Doberman Media
DAU-UP ClicksMob
Cheetah Media Link
Stroer Mobile Performance


我没怎么听说过这个联盟,不知道为什排在第一。按原文顺序吧。Button是一个位于纽约的移动营销平台,用于移动应用和移动网站所有者,成立于2014年。它具有独特的按钮式广告格式,无缝融合到移动应用或网站界面。 该平台为仪表板提供有关广告效果的实时数据。

  • Tag line: Tap into Meaningful Revenue
  • Key features: has on board as advertisers premium brands like Uber, OpenTable, Foursquare, native ad format focused
  • Commission Types: CPI, CPA

Amazon Mobile Associates

Amazon Mobile Affiliates 允许营销人员通过iOS App Store,Google Play市场或Amazon Marketplace通过提供实体或数字产品来获取他们分发的移动应用。 该平台的主要优势是亚马逊的品牌背后,并提升了其对移动用户的信赖度。 联盟计划的特点是通过关联公司进行初次购买的10%佣金,以及同一移动用户随后购买的佣金。

  • Tag line: A new way for you to earn money from your apps and games
  • Key features: premium brand, support forums with Amazon experts, multi-platform support: iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, recurrent commissions
  • Commission Types: CPA

Apple App Store Affiliate

Apple App Store Affiliate is an affiliate program from Apple Inc. for online publishers to earn commissions on advertising mobile apps and other digital content hosted on the Apple App Store.

  • Tag line: n/a
  • Key features: backed up by the Apple’s brand
  • Commission Types: CPA


ClickDealer成立于2012年,由Max Polyakov在美国的门洛帕克市建立。 该公司的一个突出特点是与广告主的直接关系,为公司的publishers争取更多有利条件。 特别是ClickDealer为其最忠实的合作伙伴组织年度MeetUp活动。 公司的会员计划除了其余的另一个功能是忠诚度计划,为ClickDealer合作伙伴提供了一些奖励。 此外,该公司还为出版商提供了一个总共不到一周的特别列表。

  • Tag line: Innovation. Technology. Performance.
  • Key features: loyalty program, annual MeetUps, featured offers and contests
  • Commission Types: CPA, CPI

Mpire Network

Mpire 位于多伦多,加拿大的代理机构。 该公司的会员解决方案具有最佳的会员奖励计划之一,提供多种选择的消费电子产品,度假套餐等等。 随着Mpire网络会员平台的功能实时跟踪系统24/7发布商支持,国际覆盖,顶级支付与可定制的付款条件和无限的创意支持。

  • Tag line: Multi-Channel Cpa Performance Marketing Network
  • Key features: most aggressive affiliate reward and referral programs
  • Commission Types: CPA, CPL, CPI


Kimia是具有全球影响力的高级在线广告网络。 它为应用程序开发人员提供其专有的Cactus SDK,可以提供广告,高效的广告格式和基于机器学习技术的算法,以实现高填充率并最大限度地提高收入。 Kimia Smartlinks工具广告网络获得了前所未有的赚钱工具,对于网站所有者,Kimia提供了一个自助服务平台,通过其渠道获利,媒体买家可以加入Kimia百万富翁俱乐部,以获得其独家市场,提供前20% 的高回报 offer。

  • Tag line: Monetize Smart
  • Key features: Machine Learning algorithms, 100% fill rate, 1,000+ tested campaigns, exclusive offers, all geos & segments
  • Commission Types: CPA, CPI, CPL, CPM, CPS


Mobusi 是斐波那group的一部分,是一家移动广告公司。 自2012年以来,它已经设法吸引了全球超过20,000个出版商,并提供了高eCPM费率。

  • Tag line: With a mobile-first and performance mindset
  • Key features: delivers 270 million clicks / day, generates 550,000 daily conversions in more than 5,000 active worldwide campaigns for 1,500+ advertisers
  • Commission Types: CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA

Bitter Strawberry

BitterStrawberry.com拥有3种移动流量赚钱工具,您作为联属营销人员,新手或经验丰富的用户,可立即开始与他们一起投放优惠。 您可以获得所需的所有工具,以获得99.9%的流量。 无论哪一个更适合您,您将拥有一切内容:性能,最高转化率直接优惠,优化和最后但并非最不重要的经验丰富的联盟经理的定制指导。 一切都是免费的! 无费用,无订阅费!

  • Tag line: When technology matters
  • Key features: worldwide coverage, 12,000 offers, dedicated support, minimum payment – $100,
  • Commission Types: CPA, CPC, CPI, CPL, CPM



 Mobidea对新手很友好,直接注册就可以拿到账号了,不想其他的联盟很多还要电话交谈,或者AM问很多的问题,有些会直接拒绝。 Mobidea还有一个最大的好处就是超过50美金的佣金就可以申请支付了,不像其他联盟需要等待15天或者30天才可以申请佣金。 Mobidea支持电汇,PayPal, ePayments, Payza, Paxum, FirstchoicePay等多种支付方式。

  • Tag line: Technology That Sets You Free
  • Key features: Smartlink® traffic auto-optimize, both CPA and CPI support, focus on VOD, utilities and dating apps, presence in 200+ countries
  • Commission Types: CPA, CPC, CPI, CPL, CPM


Mobvista ,汇量科技,2013年成立于香港,在广州、武汉、北京、新加坡设立独立办事处。Mobvista is a mobile advertising and game publishing company, founded by Robin Duan in March, 2013 in Hong Kong, China. The company’s Mintegral monetization platform hosts more than 500 app developers and serves 2 billion daily ad requests in 1,000+ apps, features 97-99% fill rate. Among ad formats it supports are Native Feed, Native App Wall, Incentivized Offer Wall and Rewarded Video.

  • Tag line: Maximize Monetization Through Mediation
  • Key features: premium CPA & CPI offers, high CR & EPC, dedicated managers


AdCombo is a CPA marketing network with a laser focus on growing strategic lucrative partnerships between advertisers and publishers to monetize their traffic. One of the features that sets this company apart from other mobile affiliate networks is Cash on Delivery model support that implies paying publishers upon a sale closed via a phone call. The company’s affiliate platform on exclusive, premium direct offers.

  • Tag line: Benefit From Our Reliable In-House Technologies
  • Key features: creatives translated in 40 languages, supports cost-per-call business model, high conversion and EPC rates
  • Commission Types: CPA, CPI, CPL, CPS, CPC


Cpamatica is an affiliate network that covers European and both North and Latin America mobile ad markets, with the head office in Edinburgh, Scotland. Once publishers sign up for Cpmatica platform, they get first payment within 10 days, further on publishers are paid each Thursday on a weekly basis.

  • Tag line: Global Affiliate Network for All Types of Traffic
  • Key features: 2% referral program, custom options for approved publishers, custom promotional creatives for each offer,
  • Commission Types: CPA


Paysale is a performance marketing network that is focused on 3 business verticals offers – dating and match-making, mobile subscriptions and pin submit and serves advertising campaigns for publishers, media buyers and agencies.

  • Tag line: Dating / mobile subscription 100+ offers
  • Key features: provides 1000+ offers  in 198 countries, verified accounts are paid 3 times a month
  • Commission Types: CPA, CPL, CPS, RevShare


MUNDOmedia is a performance-based advertising Canada-based company. The company connects more than 30,000 publishers with 2k+ advertisers, it supplies CPA, CPI and PPC offers and supports multiple traffic channels – mobile, display, search, social and email. MUNDOmedia providers affiliates with offers from such vertical channels as mobile apps, games, downloads, entertainment, healthcare, finance and gambling. Along with a dedicated manager support, the company’s design team is capable to provide a brand new design or optimize exclusive landing page or a banner creative.

  • Tag line: Global Digital Advertising Agency
  • Key features: loyalty program, 30k registered publishers, 2k+ registered advertisers
  • Commission Types: CPA, CPL, CPS


这个是比较老牌的cpa联盟,国人比较难申账号,不过可以写信给AM试试运气。MaxBounty is a Canada-based performance-marketing network, founded in 2004. The company’s business focus is on striking an equilibrium of interests for both sides of the performance marketing field – affiliates and advertisers.  It hosts a portfolio of over 1,500 campaigns for affiliates to choose from, it covers such verticals as Market Research, Diet, Dating, Finance, Real Estate, Social Games, and more.

  • Tag line: Performance Marketing Done Right.
  • Key features: supports Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit) payment methods, Net 7 and Net 15 payment frequency.
  • Commission Types: CPA, CPL, CPS


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