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好书分享:《油管公式》 (YouTube Formula)

我知道不少人在做油管频道,所以将自己找到的这本实体书 《YouTube Formula》分享给大家。


《YouTube Formula》这本书由wiley出版社发行(全球历史最悠久,最知名的学术出版商之一,享有世界第一大独立的学术图书出版商和第三大学术期刊出版商的美誉,以前买过不少这家的书)。亚马逊也有实体书卖,新鲜出炉,2021年2月才上架,kindle版的15美元,实体书18.49美元。

youtube formula






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PART I: The Platform

1 Try, Fail, Analyze, Adjust: A YouTube History Lesson2 The YouTube EcosystemBeware of CopyrightAd Revenue SharingAn Evolving, Thriving System3 The YouTube AI: A Deep Learning MachineThe AI EvolutionDiving Deep into the Deep Learning MachineA Machine at Work … and It's Working4 The Algorithm BreakdownPart 1: Gathering and Using DataPart 2 Algorithms with an “S”It's Not YouTube's Fault

PART II: The Opportunity

5 Why Most YouTube Channels Fail to SucceedBecome a Student of the DataThe Comparison and Copycat TrapsCourse Correction and ConsistencyGetting the Right FeedbackThe Wrong ContentYouTube SuperstitionsBurnoutFocus6 Make Money Partnering with YouTubeJoining the Partner ProgramThe Money LogisticsAdditional YPP Revenue OpportunitiesMake Even More with Ad RevenueYPP AdSense Is Just the Beginning7 Use Your Influence to Generate Big MoneyWhy Not You?MerchandisingBrand Integrations and Influencer MarketingBusiness OwnershipLimitless Opportunities8 The Real Power of Your Influence: Making a DifferencePlanting a Forest of InfluenceRaising Money and Awareness9 How Businesses Extend Their Reach and Drive RevenueDemand = OpportunityThink BiggerBreak into Big BrandsOptimize with Split TestingTake Smart RisksThink EvergreenBe Your Own InfluencerEmbrace the Digital WorldApply Omnichannel AttributionUse Paid AcquisitionLearn Strategies and Use ThemPART III: The YouTube Formula10 The Data‐ Driven, Human‐ Centered Formula

YouTube Sixth SenseKnow Your Goal, Know Your WhyBecome Aligned with YouTube's GoalTraffic and Momentum: Decoding the ViewerAction Exercise11 Identify Your AudienceDon't Make Videos for YourselfFind the Sweet SpotNot All Channels Are Created EqualThe AI Needs to Know Your Audience, TooBut … How Do I Learn about My Audience?Action Exercise12 Recon and ResearchReconnaissanceResearchThe Ultimate Unicorn: JesusAction Exercise13 Content Is KingAds with ImpactWhat Is Content, Exactly?Pattern of Narration: StorytellingMaking Your Content PopAuthenticity and Emotional ConnectionContent for SalesIt Works Across the BoardMake a Lasting ImpactAction Exercise14 Feedback Is QueenHuman FeedbackData FeedbackHuman + Data Feedback: A Winning ComboAction Exercise

15 Title and Thumbnail: Success Starts with a ClickGrabbing Attention Visually: The ScienceThumbnail StrategiesVideo TitlesDownloadable Tools for Title GenerationAction Exercise16 Engaging Viewers' Attention So They Watch MoreRespect Your Viewer's CommitmentEngagement and Disengagement TriggersHow to Read the MetricsAverage Views per ViewerThe 50% RuleThe 30% RuleMaintain the Value PropositionMessage FirstPattern InterruptsMastering EngagementAction Exercise17 Creating a YouTube Content StrategyPart One: Strategize for Your AudiencePart Two: Strategize to Leverage the AlgorithmAction Exercise18 Building a Community around Your ContentCreation StoryCreedIconsRitualsSacred Words/LexiconNonbelieversLeaderDistributionThe Ninth Fundamental

The People Are the BrandAction Exercise19 Optimizing, Launching, and Promoting Your VideoHow to Upload a VideoHow to Optimize a VideoHow to Launch ContentHow to Promote a VideoPromote Organically FirstPaid Strategies to Grow an AudiencePaid Strategies to SellAction Exercise20 Tweaking Your ContentReal‐ Time Tweaks versus Long‐ Term TweaksHow to Determine Your BaselinesWhat to Do with Your Real‐ Time BaselinesHave Backup Plans ReadyWhat to Do with Your Long‐ Term BaselinesSplit TestingSmall TweaksJust Do ItAction Exercise21 Try, Fail, Analyze, Adjust: Your YouTube SuccessAppendix: Free YouTube Formula Bonus Companion CourseAbout the AuthorThis Is Not Your Normal AcknowledgementIndexEnd User License Agreement