Hey Gang!

Hope all is well!

Want to make this post here to keep myself accountable and to connect with some higher level affiliates in this group! This post is NOT to show off.

Attached is my 2 day results for June 6 to 7 (this is only 1 offer, I usually run 2 offers, currently running another one at a smaller scale about 2k/day)

long story short, I started affiliate marketing in Mid December 2021 and started hitting 20k days (revenue) in Mid March 2022. ever since I have been doing 15-20k days at about 25-30% Margins consistently and got a little too complacent with my results and started travelling quite a bit (which im not too proud of wasting 2 months staying complacent & results stuck between 15-20k days…)

Again, im making this post NOT to show off but to show what’s possible with affiliate marketing and to keep myself accountable from slacking, I know there is definitely people in this group that does wayyy bigger numbers than me. (literally)

My goal moving forward is to hit those 100k days within the coming 6-12 months. (hopefully)

Im declaring it here to keep myself accountable.

Also, A small golden nugget I learned from affiliate marketing I want to share with everyone here is to be open with sharing what’s working for you with others either in this group or another group.

The reason for this is because the more you share and help others, the more others are willing to help you in return. That is how i went from 0 to 20k days consistently within 3 months of starting affiliate marketing.

to make it clear you don’t have to share the exact ads/pages that you are running just because everyone is going to copy the exact same ads as you. But i do recommend share whats working for you in terms of example; short/long copy, lander, how the lander is positioned, how to create your ads, the angles you use etc. this way, the more you help others the more they will want to help you. (this is how I met some high level affiliates who helped me on getting to those 20k days)

I dont know what else to say but want to make this post to keep myself accountable. For those with any questions or would like some help, feel free to reach out! Im more than happy to connect and help!

Looking to start making more post here every other week to stay focused on my goal and to share whats working for me!