Facebook广告 – Tier 2 Geo – Pin Submit – 300% ROI

案例分析,Facebook广告,第二层次国家,offer类型:Pin Submit,300% 收益。


FB – Tier 2 Geo – Pin Submit – 300% ROI – No tools

Just a quick and positive note for the ones who are struggling still with AM, FB Advertising etc etc.

For some weeks I have been running a Tier 2 Geo with only 1 mil. inhabitants (I reached 230.539 unique ones with my FB ads ).
I used the FB ad manager to keep track of the ads/clicks and the login of the direct advertiser to see the conversions. Besides that I used getty images and instagram to grab some good images.

Campaign: LIDL voucher – pin submit

Targeting: women 30+, who liked LIDL
After some testing and finding the best images I targeted women 30+ only, without LIDL to reach a bigger audience.
Ad setup: Besides finding the good images and launch a FB page with some reference to “LIDL” it’s just a matter of; “Ladies, Here Is Your Chance To Win A LIDL Voucher”
(above the image) & “Click Now and Start Here”

Tip: use emoticons in the text and the “description” box to create attraction – > to reach a high CTR – > low CPC cost!


Cost: 1850 euro
Revenue: 5490 euro

Reach: 230.539
Clicks: 6226
Conversions: 1220