Just some general points after running with a direct TT agency for 6 months

  • Test lots of creatives. It took me 30 solar creatives to find something that absolutely cranked.
  •  Swap offers out. Not all offers are built the same. Some agencies will lie about how high their EPCs are, they’ll scrub conversions, they need pubs running to appease advertisers etc etc etc. I had a mortgage refi offer doing $3.50 EPC – tried the exact same video with another offer and it did $5.80 EPC
  •  Run your stuff broad. If the creative is good, it will work. Don’t try to get into the weeds about targeting.
  •  If you have an ad doing well in the morning, surf it. I’ve had a lot of success running an ad group, surfing them 4-5x during the day (doubling the budget), and finishing the day at 4-500% ROI
  •  Different niches will be hot in different quarters, and will be hot on different days of the week. Some offers do well on Fridays, some do well on Mondays. Be mindful of this and plan accordingly.
  •  Test lots of verticals and ask your affiliate reps what offers are doing well. They provide an abundance of information within reason.
  •  The affiliate world is a small one. If you rip/steal peoples creatives, they’ll find out. Remake their video with your own spin, or use it as a reference. But I’ve seen people running a ripped creative at scale get sued for IP theft and have to hand over all the money they’ve made from the creative. Like sued for $100,000+. It’s pretty easy to find publishers ripping an ad once you know what agency owns what offer. You’ll also make way more money if you make your own stuff, because the AI for tiktok won’t recognize the ad, and will push it what it is – a brand new ad. There are lots of apps out there to help you make videos (captcha, final cut pro, captions) and lots of videos on youtube to help show you how to use them.

Be creative, write good copy, and it’ll pay off. Trust me.