《Affiliate Marketing 完全指南》中文版

整理文件的时候,发现这份教程,因为以前也有读者问起过,所以分享出来,觉得有用的自取。这是一个名为《Affiliate marketing完全指南》(A Complete Guide TO Affilliate Marketing)教程(已经翻译为中文版),虽然是几年前写的了,但Affiliate的基本模式也就是那样,还是 CPS, CPA 这些,Affiliate Marketing 运用的技术也变化不大,最大的变化应该是流量源和Offer变了。这个教程内容全面, 涵盖了联盟营销的方方面面,不但写了Affiliate marketing的好处,也揭露了这个行业的一些龌龊的无奈之处。如果你是新手,可以通过这个教程了解这个行业的运作流程和框架。


  • 介绍
  • Affiliate Marketing 战壕中的真实生活
  • 信息:行业认识、从业人员及其重要性
  • Offer 和垂直领域可选项全介绍
  • 移动时代:巨大的赚钱机会
  • 流量类型可选项全介绍
  • 创意思维:把点击变成转化
  • 形成科学的 Campaign 优化方法
  • 一个 Campaign 发布模板
  • 三个 Campaign 发布示例
  • 超级 Affiliate 的原则
  • 前进:超越 Affiliate Marketing
  • 最后:感谢阅读  317



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What’s in the guide?

  • 74,314 words, 419 pages, and a lot of swearing.
  • The Reality of Life in the Affiliate Marketing Trenches
  • A sweeping look at the affiliate industry; the different business models; the personality disorders affecting us all… and everything you’ll need to succeed.
  • Intelligence: What You Know, Who You Know, and Why It Matters
  • A map of the dynamic relationships that will affect your success (or failures) as an affiliate. How to build an intelligence network that massively increases your chances of launching profitable campaigns.
  • A Complete Guide to Offer and Vertical Selection
  • Every major vertical in affiliate marketing analysed and assessed for difficulty and potential reward. Insider tips for promoting each vertical.
  • Going Mobile: The Biggest Moneymaking Opportunities Revealed
  • Everything you need to know about the Mobile revolution and how to run successful campaigns on the mobile web. Offer types analysed, best practices revealed.
  • Essential Types of Traffic: How to Make Them Work
  • An assessment of the major traffic types (and their various traffic sources), rating each for scalability, difficulty, barrier of entry and more. Recommendations provided for each.
  • The Creative Mindset: How to Turn Hits in to Conversions
  • A massive sweeping assault on the moneymaking process behind successful landing pages, banners and creative funnels.
  • How to Develop a Successful Campaign Optimization Philosophy
  • How to go from losing money (or breaking even)… to making money and laughing like a maniac. A practical look at how I optimize my campaigns, including the order of testing priorities.
  • A Template For Launching Successful Campaigns
  • The checklist behind every successful campaign I launch. (In my opinion, the most useful content I’ve ever released.) I’m including it, in its entirety, from start to finish. Follow every step and your chances of making money will improve dramatically.
  • 3 Campaign Launch Examples
  • 100 pages of follow along examples where you can sit back and watch what happens as I launch three campaigns on three different traffic sources — examples include campaigns for display traffic, popunders and native ads.
  • The Principles of ‘Super Affiliates’
  • How do you take the next step and become a super F****** duper affiliate? I’ll show you the key principles and what you can do to make the jump.
  • Moving Up: Thinking Big and Beyond Affiliate Marketing
  • This is the long-term strategizing that many of us ignore. How can you leverage affiliate marketing to build a successful career for the next 30 years?
  • Finch’s Extensive List of Affiliate Marketing Resources
  • It was already a monster list. It’s now updated with even more tools and resources for 2016. A genuinely fat burden on your hard drive.

Want Extras?

That’s good, I prepared some for you.
You will also receive:

  • Cheat sheets detailing each traffic type.
  • Cheat sheets detailing each vertical.
  • An editable copy of my Campaign Launch Checklist for you to use, improve and abuse as you so wish.
  • A special 170-page ‘Best of Premium Posts‘ compilation, including previously unreleased material.

What’s in the Premium Post Compilation?

Here are the contents:

  • Revealed: The Pay-Per-Call Gold Rush and How You Can Blow It Up
  • My Tips For Cost Efficient Testing
  • How to Win a Traffic Bidding War
  • 1 PPV Dating Angle That Magnetizes Eyeballs
  • CraigsList Marketing: A Shameful $XXX/Day on Autopilot
  • Jesse Willms and the $467 Million Dollar Landing Page
  • A Guide to Local Slang (and Super High CTRs)
  • Rules Psychology: How to Make It Pay in Every Niche
  • Agents of Persuasion: The Path to Skyrocketing Conversion Rates
  • Profitable Angle Creation Made Easy with The 7 Deadly Sins
  • How Laziness Destroys Campaigns And What You Can Do About It
  • How to Build a Performance Marketing Agency