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2021年9月18日 • 星期六









How to make a million dollars a year and up using a YouTube exploit.

So today I would like to give back to the community. A community that has sadly, kind of let me down recently. What I mean by this is there is a lot of misinformation and disinformation going on inside this forum.

By that I mean people lying about stuff just to scare off newbies for no good reason knowing full well everything Is just about saturated. With that being said I am going to try my best to make a big difference in this community.

So let’s talk about microworkers. Well in case you do not know, microwrokers is a type of website where you pay real people to complete various types of tasks. Some people on this forum truly think(or purposely spreading false information) that microworkers.com is the only microworker website where you pay people to watch your YouTube videos, like your Instagram posts, etc. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, this is where members of this forum always claim the site does not work or the site is too expensive. Well newsflash, that is not the only website. There are others like Mturk, Picoworkers, Rapidworkers, and plenty others that are cheaper. That is right people if you read it this far you should know I am not holding back.

Furthermore, with those cheaper alternatives, you still have members spreading even more false information claiming that your money will be spent in vain as these sites do not work and you should worry about doing things organically. Well that is another lie. Even if you use the actual microworkers website or cheaper alternatives, it does in fact works.

How you might ask? Well I tried all the sites I mentioned above and it grew my accounts tremendously on different social media accounts. I am talking about YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Being that these are real people with unique IPs and fingerprints, their engagement triggers the algorithm each and every time. I have no idea as to why people in this forum claim it is too expensive or it does not work.

I need to say all of this because I want people to know that the answer is right in front of you. You no longer have to worry about misleading smm panels and no these microworkers websites does not take a long time to start. Every time I used them, my posts went viral immediately because the engagement was coming in fast all at once. I am talking within a hour or less depending on your budget. In other words, when I used Mturk, Microworkers, Picoworkers, and Rapidworkers all at once, my YouTube video went viral over night.

Keep in mind these are real people not bots and Mturk along has a huge user base. Furthermore, when I placed the order on all these sites within the same day for a YouTube video I was promoting. I had clear rules for sufficient proof that the task was being done. By 2:30pm in the afternoon I started to receive views, likes, comments, shares, and subs. By the end of the night I had 100k plus views, subs, shares, comments, likes on that video.

No YouTube did not ban me or take down that video. Why would they? These are real people not bots so in YouTube eyes this was organic and I remember being in the trending section. I also remember looking at my analytics and noticed the algorithm was having a fill day recommending and suggesting my content everywhere. By the end of the month I had one million plus subs easily with the heavy push from the algorithm.

That is why we are all here. You suppose to promote your video and then let the algorithm do the rest. Not using smm panels just to look at pretty high numbers that is not going to trigger the algorithm and do nothing for your video or what ever social media post you are doing.

Personally I like to use MTurk because you can target by demographics and country. MTurk is the biggest microworker site of them all.

With this method you assign as many HITS you like and target by country and other demographics. Being that I live in a tier one country, I only assign the HITS in those tier one countries and completely exploiting the YouTube algorithm to my desire. I ran three accounts and hit a million subs within 31 days across the board.

Also notice how on the TikTok forum on Blackhat World is a complete mess? Well guess what? I applied the same method to five TikTok accounts. When I assigned the hits targeting the tier one countries, I told them to like the video, watch the video to completion, leave a relevant positive comment, and to share the video, I hit the For You Page that day and gained 500,236 followers within two fucking days on one account alone.

This method can be applied to any social media account you are trying to go viral with. Reddit, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, etc.

Keep in mind these are real people, not bots. So each IP and fingerprint will be unique. The anti-bot detection will fail every time and those social media platforms will think everything is going viral organically.

Thanks everybody this is my first method I posted to Blackhat World and I want everybody to have a great Happy Fucking New Year!!!!

2021年9月12日 • 星期日





网上有数不清的各种格式转换软件,但如果为每种类型都去安装一个软件的话实在有点“浪费”。并且有时候在手机上转换并不方便。CloudConvert 是基于云端的网页版在线文件格式转换工具,最大的特点就是格式支持非常丰富,多达203种,基本已经覆盖几乎所有常见的文件格式。而且完全免安装跨平台,你需要的只是一个浏览器。




Facebook现有规则是:文字内容不能超过整体图片的20%(用25个矩形网格来划分广告图片和计算)。根据 Facebook 的新指导方针,如果广告包含超过20% 的文本,则不会被完全拒绝,但是它的影响范围将是有限的ーー在某些情况下影响很大。Facebook 现在不再使用“运行或拒绝”系统,而是根据以下评级对广告进行分类。

通过 Facebook 的新文本覆盖工具,你可以上传一张图片,看看它的覆盖范围有多大可能受到限制。

Facebook 说他们的用户更喜欢没有文本的广告。自从 Facebook 控制了其平台的广告覆盖率和广告成本以来。遵循新规则是明智的,因为新规则没有他们希望你相信的那么灵活。





# 1. Bigjpg – AI人工智能图片无损放大

地址:https://bigjpg.com/ (无需注册,首选)
说明:文件大小 ≤ 10MB,尺寸 ≤ 3000x3000px
免费版可将图片放大 2~4 倍,可选择不同程度的图片降噪,升级后最大放大 16 倍。支持 Windows、Mac 和 安卓客户端使用。

# 2. waifu2x
说明:文件大小 ≤ 5MB,可降噪图像 ≤ 3000x3000px,可放大图像 ≤ 1500x1500px
来自 GitHub 上的一个著名的开源项目,使用深度卷积神经网络实现图片无损放大。可选择插图或照片,放大 1~2 倍,支持降噪处理。

# 3. AI Image Enlarger
说明:图片 ≤ 3MB,尺寸 ≤ 800×750,登录后 ≤ 2000×2000
放大 2~4 倍,自动分析图片噪点与锯齿,并恢复细节。

2021年9月5日 • 星期日






10 000个邮箱只需要17美元。相比其他的算是良心价了。

2021年9月2日 • 星期四


推广clickbank产品,应该从哪些利基市场入手?换一个说法就是:哪个利基市场是最容易赚钱的? 这是一个古老的话题。根据clickbank自己的数据分析和预测,推荐的三个利基分别是:

① Health & Fitness 健康与健身;

② Make Money Online/E-biz 网上赚钱/电子商务;

③ Online Education 网上教育。选择这些利基市场,你就可以期待巨大的回报,因为市场有巨大的需求,所以即使有竞争,也还是可以有很大的获利机会。


2021年6月26日 • 星期六


Namecheap域名促销,.com域名只要$3.98,还有其他域名最低 97% off,截止北美时间6月28日,地址:https://www.namecheap.com/promos/small-business-month-sale/

2021年5月9日 • 星期日

没有网站做Affiliate marketing的5种可靠方法

联盟营销(affiliate marketing)简而言之,就是把流量转化为利润的艺术。很多人觉得建网站很麻烦,其实,联盟营销没有网站也是可行的,下面这篇文章教给你5种可靠的方法。你可能听说过 CPA 绩效营销,它可以采取许多形式,虽然有网站更容易操作,在这篇文章中,我们将重点介绍在没有网站的情况下也可以使用的推广策略。



Bluehost 五月钜惠,最高可享5折

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• 爆款推荐2: E3-1271v3香港服务器, 28G内存,2TB机械硬盘,中国电信CN2直连,不限流量,特惠仅需699元/月。
• 爆款推荐3:Intel Xeon D-2141美国服务器,60G内存,2TB固态硬盘,千兆独享带宽,100TB流量,仅需699元/月。
• 爆款推荐4:Intel D-1541美国多IP站群服务器,28G内存,2TB硬盘,129IP,千兆独享带宽,100TB流量,仅需699元/月。