101 TikTok Hooks

一个视频中最重要的部分是一个视频的前3秒。 这是什么意思?花更多的时间制作你的”钩子”!创造好奇心。要有争议!从对他们最重要的事情开始。保持简短。经常重复“你”。

Hooks Aim of Hooks = Get More Views
The most important part of a video is the 1st 3 seconds of a Tiktok Video. What does this mean? Spend more time crafting your hook!

Create curiosity. Be controversial. Begin with what matters to them the most. Keep it short. Repeat “you” often.

1 If you want to ____ Avoid ___
2 Everything you knew about ___is wrong
3 I can't gatekeep this one tip/product any longer!
4 You won't believe this
5 X reasons why you should ____
6 Something you didn't know
7 Simple important tip
8 10 (insert tool tips) I wish I knew earlier
9 Top 5 (sites/creators) I used to do ____
10 How I got _____ in 24hrs
11 Nobody is talking about this (insert niche) strategy
12 This is why your ___ isn't working
13 Here are X tiny tops that can help you do ___
14 The #1 Reason you're not ____
15 How I went from X to (result in (timeframe)
16 Here's the (industry) hack that changed my life
17 Why isn't anyone talking about this (industry) tip?
18 Calling all (target audience) who are tired of (Problem)
19 Ok, I'm sharing my secret on how i _____
20 I bet you didn't know this (industry) hack yet
21 The best (technique) I've ever done
22 You need this free tool for [vehicle]
23 I wish I knew about this [vehicle] tip sooner
24 Top 5 sites I use to save time as a [niche/business type]
25 There's one tiny hack that create exponential results
26 4 Free sites to create great [tool types]
27 Simple way to do [vehicle] for free
28 What I wish I knew about ____
29 If you're ___ then listen up
30 This (tool) is a game changer
31 8 Steps you need to take in order to ____
32 Here are 3 signs you're ready to ____
33 What most people don't realize about ____
34 This one simple mistake could be costing you...
35 7 next level hacks for ____
36 Your ____ is probably failing for one of these 3 reasons
37 5 Surprising reasons you need to ____
38 You need to STOP doing _____
39 I can't be the only one that ____
40 I bet you're Wrong about ___
41 Is it just me or ____
42 Has this ever happened to you?
43 If you want (result) avoid this one thing like the plague
44 3 ways to (result) without (common problem)
45 5 tips that make (result) so much easier and faster
46 If you're not able to get (result) it's probably because you're forgetting this...
47 Don't believe this (industry) myth
48 Other (your titles) are lying to you..
49 If you haven't heard this (industry) news you must be living under a rock
50 Walk don't run to try this____
51 My secret to getting to (result)
52 3 products I use to (result) without (common problem)
53 Tired of (common problem)? Try this
54 Other (your titles) don't want me to tell you about this
55 I've created the best (product) of all time
I've never had to worry about (problem) again thanks to this ONE thingYou asked, 
I'm going to deliver
57 You asked, I'm going to deliver
58 Unpopular ___opinions that I hold
59 How to turn ___ into sales
60 I finally figured out how to ___
61 Harsh realities of [Niche]
62 Essential tips for [niche]
63 Back to basgics in [niche]
64 No[#x] reasons [keyword in niche] is better than [other keyword]
65 [x] of [niche] books you need to read to succeed
66 Top [x] most influential [niche] Tiktok accounts
67 Imagine if ___
68 How to ___
69 Clever way ___
70 The biggest mistakes you're making with/on _____
71 3 things stopping you from ____
72 3 reasons you're not ____
73 3 signs you're ready to ____
74 (Tools/sites) that feels illegal to know
75 ____ isn't luck it is a (strategy or mindset)
76 Free tools to help you ___
77 Don't waste your money on this...
78 I didn't want to believe this either...
79 Never (problem) again with this quick tip
80 If you want (result) I'm about to blow your mind...
81 Don't believe the hype of this ...
82 How my (client or customer) defied all odds & (result)
83 You didn't learn this (industry) tip in school
84 If you want to (result) you're going to want to save this
85 Don't tell anyone this, it's too good to get out
86 People are losing their minds over this (industry) hack
87 Wait until you see ____
88 This one hack could change ___ in your life
89 Odd but effective ways to ___
90 If you're doing ___, try this instead
91 Are you struggling with ____
92 X easy ways to ___
93 This might be controversial but...
94 Stop scrolling if you want (result)
95 I tried ___ so you don't have to and you won't believe what happened
96 This is the #1 reason why
97 This is the ULTIMATE hack to ___ without spending a fortune
98 This is your sign to buy ____
99 Heres what you can get for $20 at ___
100 I just found out ___ and I NEED to share it with you
101 Hate to break it to you but ____