Facebook Ads vs. TikTok Ads for Webinar (With 1 Month Data Comparison)

转载:Facebook Ads 对比TikTok Ads,总的来说,TikTok Ads比Facebook Ads 广告价格便宜41%,ROAS 前者是后者的1.79倍。

If you’re not using TikTok Ads for your webinars, you’re missing out on a lot of money! Let me tell you why.

Recently, I managed a client’s TikTok Ads, while an agency was managing their Facebook Ads. We kept everything else the same – same form, same webinar, same sales team, and so on.

Here are the results we saw in just one month:

• TikTok leads were 41% cheaper than Facebook leads.
• Webinar attendance rate was 5% higher with TikTok Ads.
• Strategy session show-up rate, completed rate, and close rate were almost the same.
• Cost per sale was 35% cheaper on TikTok Ads than Facebook Ads.
• Return on ad spend (ROAS) was 1.79x higher on TikTok Ads.

In my experience, TikTok Ads are way cheaper than Facebook Ads.

While the quality of TikTok leads isn’t always as high as Facebook leads, we found that the attendance rate from TikTok traffic was a little bit higher. Why?

Because the contact information on TikTok is more relevant – people on Facebook and Instagram often have outdated email addresses.
When people auto-submit their information on TikTok, it’s usually the most relevant information they have because TikTok is often one of the most recent apps they’ve downloaded.

So all of their contact info is highly interactive.

However, there is one downside to TikTok Ads: the accuracy of targeting isn’t as good as Facebook’s, since it’s a newer platform with less data.

Sometimes, broad targeting works better than specific targeting. But since the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) was way lower on TikTok than Facebook, we were able to show our ads to way more people for the same cost, resulting in less cost per acquisition (CPA).

For my client, a performance coach with a $3800 offer, we ran ads for both a broad audience and a targeted audience based on interest and hashtag.

Since my client is selling a $2800 program, we narrowed down the audience by the top 10% and top 10%-25% of household income.

That way, we’re not only targeting people who might actively be looking for my client’s service or need it, but also those who can afford to pay for it.

Facebook Ads are still great, but TikTok Ads are currently very cheap.

So, we ended up being more profitable on TikTok.

The numbers speak for themselves: less cost per lead, higher webinar attendance rate, and more than 1.5x the amount of sales from the same amount of ad spend.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow your business with TikTok Ads!

Facebook Ads vs. TikTok Ads