Pay Per Call 教程 How to Make $10,000/month in Profit from Pay Per Call

作者Raj 是一位经验丰富的 Pay Per Call营销人员,他在一个月内将Offer 推广到了 10,000 美元的利润。
他的课程《PAY PER CALL EXPOSED》提供了行之有效的Pay Per Call 联盟营销方法和策略。
该课程在 2023 年进行了更新,适合任何初入该领域的人,希望获得循序渐进的指导的人,或者正在寻找推广按次付费的新方法的人。
通过 8 年多的经验和他之前在一家全球财富 500 强公司管理数百万美元媒体预算的经历,Raj 根据真实的营销活动和结果案例编写了这门课程。



What will you learn from this online tutorial & guide:

  • Step By Step Guide – Start to Finish to Run Pay Per Call Offers
  • How to Buy Different Types of Advertising and Save Money
  • See My Real Examples of Current Methods & Tactics that Work
  • Learn How to Make a Responsive Site that Converts.
  • Beginner & Advanced Conversion Tracking for On-Going Profitability
  • How to Easily Negotiate Higher Pay Outs with Networks
  • How to Manage and Promote Multiple Offers with Ease

BONUS: Includes 1 year of Pay Per Call Coaching & Support from me!


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