Hey guys, I thought I would share my process for setting up a compliant Facebook Ad account and the phases I go through before even running an ad, to stay compliant and have minimal chance of losing my account.

facebook 广告账户检查清单

Whitehat FB Ad Account and Campaign Setup Process

Here is Jani’s process for FB Ad account setup and compliance from A-Z in order for you to be able to run campaigns with low risk of getting accounts shut down and or Banned. This is the same process Jani has used for more than a year and it has worked well so far.

The key idea is to appear as a ‘real’ brand or person whose intent is not only to sell, but to share valuable information. To provide Fb users with a Positive User Experience.

I like to think of it as if i am an ‘Agency’ doing advertising for clients (even though I am not)- this makes it seem even more legit just having this mindset.

I generally follow 3 phases:

Phase 1 – Compliance / Assets – Ad Accounts , Fan Page and Authority site.

Phase 2 – Ad Approval / Account Warm Up /

Phase 3 – Launch / Test / optimise / Scale

Phase 1 – Compliance / Assets

  • FB Compliance Checklist
  • Propper Fan page
  • Authority site
  • Ad accounts setup
  • Business manager and ad accounts

Fb information on why ads get dissaproved:


Appeal form for dissaproved ads / accounts


FB Compliance Checklist:

  • One Fanpage for each niche
  • Linked to One main domain
  • Landers on same domain always
  • Domain has all multiple pages, and legal pages / Terms / about / privacy
  • Blog on Domain
  • Verify Domain with Fanpage
  • Run likes campaign to get 5,000 likes

Set up Business Manager:

  • Ad accounts – You can create 5 after you spend $25 on first Ad account
  • Payment information Important – use ONE payment method and NOT Paypal

Ad Account

  • Use ONE Ad account with ONE Fan page. If you use more than one ad account with one fan page , it may decrease trust with the Fan page.
  • Make sure company details, and address is all in Ad account settings – incase of Manual review

Fan Page

  • Use ONE Fanpage consistently paired with one Ad account.
  • Make it an actual page with a photo and cover photo consistent with the theme of your brand name / name of page
  • Post 5 initial posts before you do anything else
  • Make sure it has 5,000 followers before you even run any ads.
  • Post daily organic content (I post 3 minimum) with Photos / Videos (They can also be shared posts from FB onto your Fan page). It has to appear ‘real’ so don’t just post one batch of posts then leave it, you have to have regular content going on the page.

My post schedule is simply 3 – 5 posts daily. 2 will be posts i share from my Authority / media site, and then the rest are posts we find on fb and share directly onto our page. All this matters in FB’s eyes as it seems like ‘normal human behaviour’.

As you know, Facebook cares most about user experience and engagement

Get a VA to do this in the background daily.

Info & About/ Contact Us Section – Make sure you fill out the info section and have actual contact details in the about section. This can simply be an email at your domain and a google voice number. I don’t have a phone number though but it can help.

Authority Site / FB Compliant Website

You want to create a website with content, where you will host your landers on but initially, it must have at least 5 contest posts as well as the relevant fb compliant pages.

Make sure the about and contact page has real contact information.

Similar to what i have here:


I host all my landers on this domain in a directory such as https://improvingmyselfdaily.com/obsessionshorth1/

That is a lander i am currently running and making money with (swipe if you like :p)

Notice the footer area.

We also always include that footer area on ALL Landers. Oh AND the brand Logo at the top of any lander.

The site is congruent with the Fan page.

DONT Use any site builder such as Clickfunnels, it has to be on your own domain.

If you want multiple fan pages and ad accounts you’ll need to repeat the process with each ad account.

Here’s a good resource for FB Compliant Landing page checklist:


Phase 2 – Account Warm Up / Ad Approval

We want to run a Likes and PPE campaign at the same time to:

  • Run Engagement campaigns for 3-5 days
  • Get account to spend $25 to unlock 4 more Ad accounts
  • Get 5,000 followers from the likes campaign
  • Shares, likes, comments from the PPE campaign
  • Get more ads approved during this phase, so we can maintain good account health.

Run Likes Campaign to get first 5,000 likes / Followers

  • Run likes campaign for 3 – 5 days at $20 per day on a new account.
  • Run to third world countries such as India, Pakistan, Turkey, South Africa, Thailand, Philippines, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, Bangladesh, Kenya, Egypt
  • Make sure you select “people living here”
  • Run 2 likes campaigns at the same time with a different Image
  • I use theses as my likes campaign images (I learnt this part from Sam Ovens who also has a GREAT Facebook training i’d recommend)
  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5_u4cbjErAZXzlwMEprdDBYTHM/view
  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5_u4cbjErAZZzhvNWRUTHBmWVE/view

The text in the ad copy i use is simply:

“Like to share the feeling”

This gets a lot of likes fast

Run post engagement campaign ( PPE ) at the same time

  • This can be to one of your posts you’ve made on your page. Run this for the same time frame and amount but as a PPE so we get more engagements

Verify Domain – Make sure you ‘verify’ your domain name with Facebook and use the SAME domain as the CTA link in all your ads. This also gives you preference in the auctions.

Ad Account Checklist:

  • Don’t login from your personal Fb
  • dont use images that piss people off such as red boarders, lame stock photos, stacks of money, flashy cars,
  • don’t look sketchy
  • dont use income claims
  • Don’t use buzz words
  • dont make crazy pomises
  • tell honest stories
  • dont call out your audience – e,g “ are you always overeating” etc
  • dont use shared domain names like clickfunnels
  • maintain a 10:1 approved to DIssaproved ad ratio
  • launch a small amount of ads at a time and get them approved
  • If an ad gets dissaproved, have a default type of post that you know gets approved, and get a few of them approved before you attempt to launch a real ad
  • create a really basic ad thats not agressive, get it approved then publish lots of those those to get your ratio up.

Phase 2b

Traffic and Ad Approval Campaigns

This uses 2 phases

1 – Traffic and engagement campaign to blog post with CTA link

We do this to begin getting ads approved in the account before running any affiliate offers.

Ideally we want to maintain 10:1 approved to Disapproved ad ratio

We want to send the first ad to a blog post, which includes a CTA with your affiliate offer

Then we duplicate that ad and run it as Engagement

Then if they both get approved, we will now move on to the second phase within 2b

2 – Traffic and engagement campaign to real lander

If they get approved then we duplicate and do as conversion

Landing page checklist:

Go over the landing page checklist again before running it


Remember to include the footer area from your main site, in your lander footer.

Phase 3 – Launch / Test / optimise / Scale

IF the above gets approved, you can start to run the actual landers but always remember to keep the ratio at least 80/20

In the background you want to have:

  • Content being posted daily on your fan page
  • Boost post for one of your posts daily for 3 days at $2 per day (higher if you are at a high spend i’d do it at 3-5% of what you intend to spend on conversion campaigns.
  • When you plan on launching a new conversion ad, always post 2 traffic / engagement ads at the same time to get them approved first following the process above in phase 2b

The time frame will look like this

Day 1 – 3

Likes and engagement campaigns

Day 3 – 6

Traffic and engagement campaigns to blog and lander

Day 7 and beyond

Test actual lander with conversion campaign

Important Ad account survival tips:

Avoid Trigger words:

Here are things that trigger the reg flag with Facebook

Facebook has certain words that trigger them to flag your ad and entire account.

There are positive and Negative words Facebook already have in their algorthm which automatically flags ads. Also the more positive the words facebook sees, the more reach the ad gets.

We want to include more positive words and less negative.

This tool here hels you to see if you’re ad copy is positive or negative


And here in this doc are a list of the top 100 negative and happy words.


The idea is to avoid any of the negative words!

If anyone has any additions feel free to share. This is my specific process and it’s working for me running Clickbank Offers as well as Lead Gen.