Facebook Ads: Copy 5 Proven Campaign Blueprints


A lot has changed in Facebook ads since the latest iOS updates, but Molly Pittman has the secret sauce for boosting your ROAS with 5 proven campaign blueprints. Apply them to ecom, information products, SAAS, and more starting immediately. Get insights into Molly's winning offers, campaign structure, targeting, copy, creative, optimization, and scale. Don't let Facebook ads decide your business' fate.

Some Valuable Takeaways:

Use Audience Targeting. Post-IOS14, Facebook no longer targets audiences as well as before. Targeting by audience interests can be a powerful way to help Facebook's algorithm to show your ads to the right people - especially if you can find relevant interests that your competition hasn't thought of yet.

Be Genuine. A type of ads that gets really great results, features real people sharing genuine and personal stories and experiences.

Use ABO. Post-IOS14, ABO has been working better than CBO. The exception is when you're running at large scale, in which case CBO may work better.

Test Images and Videos. Both images and video ads can perform well! Test both to take advantage of more of Facebook's placements and inventory.

Test 2-5 Ads/Adset. This seems to be the sweet spot - enough assets for Facebook to work with but not so many that they would overwhelm the algo.


facebook ads

facebook ads


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